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Weight Lifting, Calisthenics, & Stability

Resistance Training can sometimes be intimidating for people whose only exposure to it has been your local “gym rat” found at any commercial gym. Although from the outside looking in, some people may shy away from the free weight area of the gym because of the intimidation, it is a crucial part of any fitness goal. At Just Watch Fitness, we implement safe and effective weight/resistance training combined with calisthenics (body weighted exercises) and stability work into all of client programs to ensure not only will you reach your fitness goals, but you will exceed it beyond what you initially imagined


Cardiorespiratory fitness is the most common utilized form of exercising, but it goes so much deeper than just running on a treadmill. Cardio is one of the necessary components to health related physical fitness. It is vitally important to health and wellness as well as the ability to engage in normal activities of daily living without excessive fatigue.

Diet and nutrition

Choosing what to eat and drink is by far the most important factor in obtaining and keeping the body and health you desire. Unfortunately it also the hardest factor. At Just Watch Fitness, we provide all the tools necessary to reach your specific fitness goals; including: grocery lists, meal plans, sample meal ideas, and most importantly expert availability to answer any questions you may have, even outside of the gym. Exercising only accounts for a few hours of your week, but making the right food choices is a 24/7 conscious commitment and that’s why we are to help you make the right decisions regarding fueling your body the right way.

Rest and recovery

This may seem like an obvious topic, but rest is so crucial to keeping your body running at peak performance. When you sleep your body fights off infection, repairs muscle, and sets you up to have a productive day when you wake up. Ample rest is often neglected but can slow down your progress as it relates to achieving your fitness goals.