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By far the most asked question. A certified, knowledgeable, and professional trainer ensures that not only you will achieve your fitness goals in the quickest and most efficient way possible but also will make sure you are safe and avoiding injury while doing so.

I am conveniently located in midtown Atlanta just minutes from anywhere in the metro Atlanta area…north, south, east, or west.

Rates are among the most affordable and competitive prices in the industry for the quality of training We provide. They are discussed in more detail the day of your initial consultation session.

I do a consultation first to discuss your goals, assess your fitness level and for you to get a taste of my training style (short workout session) and discuss my rates and specials.

Here at JustWatchFitness we provide quality equipment, knowledge, and support to give you the highest percentage of getting your health and body in peak performance. However it will require your implementation and dedication of aforementioned tools to get you there.