Personal Training Sessions….

I understand that there isn’t a one-size fits all plan so I take the time to discover your individual needs and expectations in order to properly build a customized 1-1 Fitness plan that is geared towards achieving your goals. Personal training sessions range from 2 sessions per week to unlimited session packages, depending your needs.

To Group Sessions….

NOT your ordinary Group Training Session!! My group training sessions are more of a hybrid between a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. With each member of the group’s needs explored, I tailor each session to address the collective needs of all involved. I pay particular attention to form and detail, keeping each participant engaged by providing personal motivation to ensure a high-energy session throughout. I partner with local Apartment Communities, Private Fitness Gyms, Corporate Workplace Environments, etc. to bring affordable training to the masses!

Corporate Training

Corporate training services are available for companies who want to help their employees live better lives while simultaneously fostering a healthy and happy work environment. It has been proven that healthier employees are more productive, happier, have less call-outs, and cost the company less money in insurance coverage.

VIP Training

VIP training is for the client who wants the pinnacle of service. Including on-site training at the location of their choice, Full meal prep services, and privacy during sessions.